Monday, June 30, 2008

My Secret Pal is better than your pal!!! LOL

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I got THE best gift in the mail today.

A gift awaited me in the mailbox today from my Secret Pal. I was actually surprised she would be sending a present so early in the swap; I didnt expect to get anything until next month sometime. 2 balls of Knit Picks yarn (pretty purple socks for me!!!) a sock blank from Knit Picks also, the most beautiful stitch markers, and some Hello Kitty treats. I chewed the gum right away! Now I need to buy myself some of that cool dye they sell on the Knit Picks site and see how great a dyer I really am! Thanks Professor!!!


Anonymous said...

Hehe! I am glad you were so surprised. I was debating on whether or not to tell you about the package... I'm glad I didn't!


Polly said...

How thoughtful and speedy of your spoiler!

Sarah said...

Nice gifties! Your package from me will be arriving soon. I just gotta finish up the bag!

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