Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yarn Shop Review

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A visit to Victoria's Yarn Shoppe.

A fibery good time was had on Friday when I visited Victoria's Yarn Shoppe. This is a yarn store I stumbled upon; located at 8 E. Main Street in beautiful Girard, PA 16417. Actually, Mary called them a few weeks ago looking for a yarn baller and swift. I had never been to the shop but had heard about it, so off we went on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

The owner is Vicky Foster and she is about the nicest woman ever. She also invited me to the Sit and Knit night they have @ the shop on Monday nights from 6-8pm. This is only one pic I got (I accidently erased the others) of the wall o' yarn in her shop. Vicky carrys beautiful yarns; the standard fare such as Tofuties, Regia sock yarns and some craft store types of yarn like Paton's Wool, etc. She also has lots of examples of her knitting around the store. She showed me around the store, introduced me to some of the ladies that happened to be in the shop, and invited me to have a seat at the table in the back of the store where she, herself, was knitting. She seemed quite intrested in what I was knitting and we had a spontaneous Stitch n Bitch while I worked on my Sock of Doom (The Purple Haze Lorna's Laces socks) and she worked on a hangbag to be felted.

Check her store out! She accepts cash and checks; no credit cards or web page as of yet. She's only about 15-20 minutes from Erie (30 for me cause I drive kinda slow). You'll enjoy yourself.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top Ten

Top 10 Signs You're On A Bad Diet

10. You're not allowed to eat during months with an "R" in them.

9. You're told to replace food with crack.

8. Company sent you a funhouse mirror to make you look thinner.

7. It's a Dr. Phil diet and after two weeks you look exactly like Dr. Phil.

6. You're sweating cottage cheese.

5. If you follow it faithfully, they promise you'll lose two pounds in the next 12 years.

4. You're only allowed to eat Ukranian foods rich in dioxin.

3. Sure, you'll lose weight, but you're also a foot shorter.

2. It's the Atkin's Diet----the Chet Atkins diet.

1. Your ass has gone from Jennifer Lopez to Kirstie Ally.

-----David Letterman

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arghhhh!!! Todays the Day!!!

'ello me hearties!!! Today 'tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!!! I can't wait to pull on me some ARRRGGGHHHHHgyle socks and run around talking like a pirate!! Iffen folks don't wanna play along, make 'em walk the plank!

And here is todays Offical Talk Like A Pirate Pattern.....

Monday, September 17, 2007


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Seen at the Albian Area Fair.

These little sheep were @ the Ablain Area Fair that I attended with the family (in-laws included!) Aren't they cute??

Friday, September 14, 2007

Check it out!

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Well. It finally happened. My best friend I am have broken up. *sigh* 5+ good years we had together, although I have to admit, she was used when I bought her from Rent-A-Center. *snif* That's right, boys and girls, my big screen TV finally bit the dust on Tuesday. *wailing* Ohhhhh for the love of God!!! Whyyyyyy?! We made it thru the good times (Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 in surround sound) and bad times (when Aija drew on your screen with a pink crayon) together. You were with me, Big Screen, when I first discovered Knitty Gritty. And now...well...your going to the Big Living Room In the Sky. I sure am gonna miss you. I mean, sure I'll go shopping for a new big screen next week, but until then....I'll be watching 32 little inches on the bedroom tv. It just won't be the same, I know! All this plus the war in Iraq. I just don't know how I'm going to go on!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself....

To some, I am just Sinnomen Wakefield-Jones, the author of this blog. But to most, I am known as THE MISTRESS OF ART OF FELTING!!!!! *evil laugh* Okay. Not really. Only in my mind, maybe. *ctfu* I do enjoy the felting, tho I might say.

Recently, I've been getting my felting on with numerous projects such as the felted house slippers in the Knit 2 Together book by Tracy Ulman and Mel Clark. As seen here======>

Once I had gotten my mind wrapped around what the pattern wanted me to do, they were a faily easy knited item which I am enjoying quite a bit.

I also decided to knit myself a Booga Bag with a matching felted hat with a simple crocheted border. Now don't ask me why I bothered with a crocheted border when the whole damn thing was going to be felted. I don't know what I was thinking, other than wanting the bag and the hat to match.

I think I like felting so much for a few reasons.....

1. Since I am still a fairly new kniter (less than a year) I still make mistakes and it take everything in my being to go back and fix them. Felting hides LOTS of mistakes!

2. Wool is a pretty cheap fiber for the most part. Most craft stores such as Michaels, AC Moore, Joann Fabrics, and even Walmart carry some cheapie version of it like Lion Brand. Not that there is anything wrong with Lion Brand Yarn, I think it's a good felting wool. I'm just not sure I would want to wear it in a garment against my skin.

3. Felted wool fabric is VERY strong. If your making a hand bag of some sort, you can stuff it full of shit and not worry about it breaking, etc.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh. My. Gawddddd!!!!

New iPods and iPhone Price Cuts
Thu Sep 6, 2007 1:49PM EDT
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Apple announced a refresh to the entire iPod line: the major story is a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch widescreen iPod that looks a lot like the iPhone and has Wi-Fi built into it. Users will be able to download content directly to the new iPods from the iTunes store using Wi-Fi networks — no computer necessary. The iPod Touch comes in a $299, 8GB model and a $399, 16GB model. The iPod touch will be available for purchase in mid to late September.
The addition of video to the Nano brought a major design change for Apple's most popular music player. The new Nano is a lot shorter than its predecessor, but to accommodate the new 2-inch wide screen, it's stretched a little wider. The 4GB model retails for $149, the 8GB model for $199. There are also 5 new colors for the Nano including a Product Red Nano that benefits the fight against AIDS in Africa.The old iPod Video is now called the iPod Classic. It now comes in silver and black, it's case is all metal, and it's a little thinner than the previous iPod. The 80GB model retails for $249, the new 160GB model retails for $349.The iPod shuffle has 5 new colors including its own Product Red version. It still has 1GB of storage and retails for $79. The new iPod Classic, Nano, and Shuffle will be available starting September 8th.Finally the 8GB iPhone is getting a monster price cut. It debuted at $599, but is now being offered for $399. A software upgrade for the iPhone will also give it access to the Wi-Fi enabled iTunes store.While some were disappointed that Steve Jobs didn't announce a brand new innovative product beyond our wildest imagination, I am personally thrilled at the price cuts. For most people, the prices on the iPhone and the video models of the iPod were ridiculously prohibitive. I like Steve Jobs' new model for the Nano, "It's a little video for everyone."

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Koolaid Yarn 2.0

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Here I am dying yarn again with koolaid. I love doing this on days when I'm really bored. I just yank yarn already in the stash and slap koolaid on it. From the left is Pink Lemonade/Lemon-Lime (I'm calling it Tutti Frutti), the middle hank is dyed with cornflower blue wilton's dye (I'm calling it Evening Sky); and the hank on the right is dyed with Lemon-Lime/Berry Blue/Pink Lemonade (called Cotton Candy).

What say you, dear readers?

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