Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's On My Needles....

I was recently gifted some Lamb's Pride Bulky from a friend on Ravelry and it screamed to me...MAKE ME INTO FELTED BOWLS!!!! I bought the book One Skein a while back and I made the tote bag but never ventured into the other patterns until now. Its like knitting a hat in bulky weight yarn. A rather tall hat but a hat nonetheless. Anyway this is also the first time I've knit something in the yarn and color the book calls for. I'm usually all about subbing one yarn for another. This yarn is sooooo soft and fuzzy, I know it will felt up great! Here's a really bad pic (this is starting to become somewhat of a pattern/theme for me in regards to my camera skills, huh?)

felted bowl.jpg

I was watching Buried Alive while I knit the bowl. It's a str8 to dvd movie with the guy from Saw in it. Just avoid this movie; it wasnt great. LOL

I also finished the first Tutti Frutti sock while I was on vacation in Oklahoma. And oh what a vacation it was! I got to visit with my best-est friend in the entire whole, April. Here's a cute pic of us together hanging out in Bricktown in OKC! We had a ball!!!

April and Mioshee 2

I can't wait til I can afford to move her here to Erie with me. Once a year just isn't enough!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the finished picks of the felted bowl! I've always wanted to knit one too...


Kitty said...

Hey! Why dont i have that pic? Love you too, baby!!!! I'll get there someday.

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