Friday, December 20, 2013

Un-paper towels....

I've been ALL OVER pinterest the past few months. Just pinning like it's my job! Anyways, over the last few years I've been trying to GO GREEN! as much as possible and one of the last things I've been trying to break away from is unnecessary paper products. Like napkins, paper towels/hand towels, Swiffer wipes, etc.

I saw a tutorial for fabric paper towels on Pinterest and I thought about raiding my stash to make some. Here's the link Unpaper-towel tutorial...

I started by taking an actual paper towel and using it as my "pattern". I had some left over flannel-like fabric in my stash which I'm using as the back.

I used some left-over fabric for the front. I saved this from a dress I sewed my daughter a few years ago.

I pinned both pieces together and sewed them on 3 sides. I started out with a zigzag stitch but didn't like it much so I ended up with just a straight stitch.

After sewing 3 sides, I pressed the seams out and used a chopstick to push the corners out. Except I forgot to snip the corners so I'm gonna have to go back to do that. Oops! LOL!

All in all it was pretty easy to do, once I add the snaps and put them all together I'll post more updated pics.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Still Holiday Knitting....

Irish hiking scarf by Sinnomen1977
Irish hiking scarf, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.

This Irish Hiking Scarf is for a clients friend but I'm thinking of knitting another into a cowl. Hmmm....

Happy Thanksgiving!

upload by Sinnomen1977
upload, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.
Look at this SEXY turkey my boo baked for the big day!!!

She also made REAL CRANBERRY SAUCE....

I made cornbread dressing (it was SOOOO GOOD!!!) And she made mac n' cheese...

She also made 2 pecan pies and I made 2 sweet potato....

Not pictured: Mashed potatoes, rolls, and green bean casserole.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Miss Wick Socks

upload by Sinnomen1977
upload, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.

This pattern was a gift; it's based on the TV show Bones and a character on the show; Daisy Wick. I recycled some Knit Picks yarn. I unraveled a shawl and re-knit into these socks. REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Missoni Blanket Progress Pic....

Progress pic.... by Sinnomen1977
Progress pic...., a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.
Not a whole lot of stuff to update but here goes....

Still working on the Missoni Blanket....100% wool scraps on size 8 addi turbo's

(Missoni Blanket Pattern)

I've also been knitting teddy bears just as a side project...

This is gonna be a girl bear....haven't decided on a name yet.

Mother Bear Project

Also....a friend asked me to knit winter sets for a friend of hers and his wife. Here's the first hat and scarf set.

Pattern is from the book Holiday Knits.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dapple Lace curtain for the powder room....#knitting #lace #knitpicks

I'm knitting this curtain after like the 4th time of ripping etc. I'm starting to think this yarn is cursed but I'm DETERMINED to have a pretty lace-y curtain in my bathroom and maybe my kitchen. This yarn has been knit, ripped, sewn on the sewing machine, ripped again, etc. It's mercerized cotton I got on sale a few years ago. The pattern I'm using is....;_Curtain_Pattern__D50576220.html

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Go Go Gadget Dog sweater!!!

This puppy.... 

needs a sweater!!!

I'm going to knit RJ the Dog-o-matic sweater from the most recent SnB book....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Missoni Blanket....

Missoni Blanket.... by Sinnomen1977
Missoni Blanket...., a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.
I'm still here...still knitting/cooking/sewing and just CREATING. Life has been a rollercoaster lately so the blog has had to take a back seat.

However, I am working on the Missoni Blanket for my beloved and I to cuddle under. Fall is pretty much here and it's only downhill covered in snow and ice from here. ::le sigh::

I also did another baby kimono and booties for a friend to take to a baby shower....


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yoga bag 1

Yoga bag 1 by Sinnomen1977
Yoga bag 1, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.
I'm knitting a yoga bag based on the pattern in Stitch N' Bitch Nation

Sunshine Dress

Sunshine Dress 2 by Sinnomen1977
Sunshine Dress 2, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.
Dude! I sewed myself a maxi dress!

I used this tutorial; it was REALLY easy. I think the hardest part was ACTUALLY GETTING STARTED.

I also slapped a belt on it I bought a few years ago from Lane Bryant.

I've dubbed it the Sunshine Dress. I think I picked the fabric (it's a jersey/knit fabric) from Joann's on clearance a while back. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Now I just need an occasion to wear it!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Skirt 3/13

Skirt 3/13 by Sinnomen1977
Skirt 3/13, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.

I sewed a skirt! LOL....I cant take all the credit tho. I bought the material @Walmart for 50¢ a yard (!!!!!) . All that I did was sew down the side and put a 1.5in hem. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hedra completed!

Hedra completed! by Sinnomen1977
Hedra completed!, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.

OMG I've been working on these socks since June 2012! They are finally done! Yayyy! The pattern is Hedra by Cookie A in the Knitty Spring 2006 issue. The pattern wasn't hard, just a 4 row repeat. I just kept setting them down to work on other things.

Deets? Sure!

Yarn: Knitpicks Essential Kettle Dyed in Bordeaux on size 2 US needles. I'm so glad to have them off the needles!

I'm attempting to knit down my sock yarn stash b/c it has REALLY gotten out of control. I going to try to knit 12 pairs of socks in 2013 and this is the first pair. Although, I did cheat a little b/c they were started last year. Next up: Embossed Leaves socks from the Interweave book Favorite Socks.

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