Friday, February 29, 2008

I've Jumped On the Bandwagon!


Since it seems that everywhere I look on Ravelry, someone is knitting the Central Park Hoodie, I decided to try it out. Knitting Daily was selling the pattern with upsizes for the bigger girls; up to a size 60" chest measurement. I'm knitting that size. (Pics to come later.) There are 963 projects going on right now including mine. I like the look of the sweater and I've never knit a cardi before. I'm using Paton's Classic Merino yarn for a few reasons:

1. It's cheap. I wanted to make this hoodie in as close to the recommended yarn as possible so I choose wool. I just hope I finish it before it gets too warm to wear wool although it should be okay to wear in the fall/winter this year if I don't. Erie doesnt start warming up until nearly May so I have time. I plan to wear it as a jacket/layer in the spring/fall/winter, etc so I'm thinking to myself it will get plenty of wear.

2. The wool is easy to get my hands on. I've bought as much as I think I'll need (7 skeins) in the same dye lot from the big box craft store so even if I should need a ball or two more, it won't be hard to get. I was able to start right away with swatching and casting on the back panel b/c I already had some of this in my stash. That's right....not only am I making this beautiful hoodie for myself but I'm STASHBUSTING @ the same time! (Go ahead and clap. I'll wait. LOL)

3. This wool comes in about a million dfferent colors. I choose a light to medium color green; it's called Leaf and thats exactly what it looks like.

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