Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm on a roll!!!

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Here's yet another FO! This is the sushi wallet. It comes in a kit from PickUp Sticks. The kit comes with all the yarn you need to make the wallet, a zipper you sew in, and it comes package in a little plastic tray just like sushi! I added the i-cord strap for wearing around the wrist. I bought it on eBay with some other yarns I needed. At least it's supposed to look like sushi. Looks a little bit like fried eggs to me. The kit comes in another color (marroon and white). It's basically a felted wallet/change purse. I plan to carry small knitting objects in it like cable needles, stitch markers, etc. This is also the first thing I've felted in my front load washer. I thought it would make a big mess opening the washers door but nope.

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Kitty said...

u added an i-cord out of pattern?!?! yay you!

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