Friday, December 7, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

*singing* It's the most wonderful time...of the yearrrr..... I love Christmas time. And not only is my favorite holiday on the way but ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, folks of all ages...IT'S ALSO CRUNCH TIME!! It's about 18 days until Christmas and that means KNITTING 24 HOURS A DAY to get all gifts done! I have a just a few gifts to finish, what about you?

1. A scarf (which I will now refer to as the Never-Ending-2x2rib-Scarf-Of-Doom)for my father-in-law, the hat to this set is already done. Would you like to see it being modeled on my sweetie?

2. A hoodie for my neice. My daughter and niece wanted matching hooded sweatshirts; my daughters is done already in a light pink and my nieces is barely a waistband at this point in dusty lilac.

3. The Perfect Sweater (pattern can be found on Ravelry by the Mason-Dixon Girls) for my sweetie. At this point, it's only the back panel of a sweater. She doesn't mind if it's late, she already has a pair of socks done. Also, for Christmas.

I made good use of Stitch N Bitch night tonight by working on these projects, but. Um. I accidently cast on the Everlasting Bagstopper (pattern found in Knitty) for myself in a deep, rich purple Lion Brand Cotton. Oops. THATS NOT CHIRSTMAS KNITTING!!! I couldn't help it! It's a great bag, not just for carrying gorceries either. I see myself riding my adult sized tri-cycle in late spring with this bag slug over my shoulder full of fresh fruits and veggies. Also a fresh bagette of french bread inside. To sit at the park with. This is the perfect bag for those activities. Of course, summer is quite a bit off, I know. Ahem. Back to the Christmas knitting....

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