Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself....

To some, I am just Sinnomen Wakefield-Jones, the author of this blog. But to most, I am known as THE MISTRESS OF ART OF FELTING!!!!! *evil laugh* Okay. Not really. Only in my mind, maybe. *ctfu* I do enjoy the felting, tho I might say.

Recently, I've been getting my felting on with numerous projects such as the felted house slippers in the Knit 2 Together book by Tracy Ulman and Mel Clark. As seen here======>

Once I had gotten my mind wrapped around what the pattern wanted me to do, they were a faily easy knited item which I am enjoying quite a bit.

I also decided to knit myself a Booga Bag with a matching felted hat with a simple crocheted border. Now don't ask me why I bothered with a crocheted border when the whole damn thing was going to be felted. I don't know what I was thinking, other than wanting the bag and the hat to match.

I think I like felting so much for a few reasons.....

1. Since I am still a fairly new kniter (less than a year) I still make mistakes and it take everything in my being to go back and fix them. Felting hides LOTS of mistakes!

2. Wool is a pretty cheap fiber for the most part. Most craft stores such as Michaels, AC Moore, Joann Fabrics, and even Walmart carry some cheapie version of it like Lion Brand. Not that there is anything wrong with Lion Brand Yarn, I think it's a good felting wool. I'm just not sure I would want to wear it in a garment against my skin.

3. Felted wool fabric is VERY strong. If your making a hand bag of some sort, you can stuff it full of shit and not worry about it breaking, etc.


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Sheila said...

Hi Sinnomen, stopping by to say Hi. Thats such a cute hate.

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