Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Koolaid Yarn 2.0

Originally uploaded by Sinnomen1977
Here I am dying yarn again with koolaid. I love doing this on days when I'm really bored. I just yank yarn already in the stash and slap koolaid on it. From the left is Pink Lemonade/Lemon-Lime (I'm calling it Tutti Frutti), the middle hank is dyed with cornflower blue wilton's dye (I'm calling it Evening Sky); and the hank on the right is dyed with Lemon-Lime/Berry Blue/Pink Lemonade (called Cotton Candy).

What say you, dear readers?


Your said...

They are so pretty!! I want to try my hand at dying yarn but have not gotten around to it. How was your long weekend??

Sinn-no-men said...

Actually, it wasnt too bad! I did a shit load of crafting! Mostly b/c I was bored. How was yours?

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