Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green Cleaning

I've recently been giving alot of thought about the environment (mostly b/c of the BP business that's been in the news lately), about my carbon footprint and just being more "green" in general. I rarly use those plastic bags you get @ the grocery store anymore; I've got alot of knitted market bags. When I do have plastic bags, I use them as trashcan liners and to pick up poop when I walk Poochie. I figure, why buy bags to pick up poop when I can get them for free from Walmart? I've knit the Everlasting Bagstopper from knitty.com quite a few times; mostly out of cheap-o kitchen cotton like Lion Brand Cotton, Peaches n' Creme and a few balls of Rowan Cotton Tape I had lying around.

7.10.10 003

(Rowan Cotton Tape, about 5-6 balls, unknown color, US13 needles.)

6.12.13 010

(Lion Brand Cotton, color Purple, about 1.5 balls)

6.11.10 002

(Peaches n' Creme Cotton, color: Fiesta, 4-5 balls)

I also knit a few Swiffer covers....

Swiffer Cover1

Swiffer Cover2

I used some leftover colors of Peaches n' Creme I had lying around the house.

I've also been making my own laundry detergent from a recipe I got on the internet. I'm hoping to just do my part in helping the environment and also making myself feel good by knitting, sewing and crocheting.

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