Friday, September 5, 2008

1st Day of School

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Here's a pic of Aija, my daughter, on the first day of 2nd grade. Isnt she the cutest thing EVA?! I had to take the pic b4 she walked out of the door b/c I knew when she came home that shirt wouldn't be white anymore and I was right! LOL

Also on the needles is this...


the Odessa hat. You can find it on ravelry. I'm knitting it on us US6 needles with Debbie Bliss cashmere/cotton blend. 85% cotton and 15% cashmere. It's soft and shows stitch definition well. This is a beaded, fitted cap that I'm actually knitting without the beads. Lot's of these have been knit on Ravelry, too. I'm surprised I never saw this pattern b4 b/c I love fitted caps like these. I've made and bought lots of them. More pics to come soon.

Also on the needles is still the Cherry Bomb tank. I've stalled on this tank b/c I know the weather is changing and I wont be able to wear it b4 next summer. The other one I knit is out of an alpaca/wool blend (yea I know...a wool tank top?!) and I wear as a vest in the winter over a shirt. I think I'll do that with this one too at least until it's warm again.

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Anonymous said...

So cute! I would knit her anything she wanted, I would be powerless to her cuteness.

I think I'm going to have to knit Odessa too. I'm copying off your knitting- but you pick such fun patterns!!!

Prof. C

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