Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's been an interesting few days around here....

A few interesting tidbits....I got a new tattoo!!! Actually, my gf and I got matching 'M' tattoes on our inner wrist.


This tattoo was given by a wonderful artist @ Budda's Body Art in Erie, PA. I wish I could have taken some pics to show you guys but there is no flash photography allowed in the shop. They don't even want people to have cell phones in the building but of course people sneak them in. Check them out!!!

Also, I'm just about done with the Monica tank top for Aija. The pattern calls for all the pieces to be knit flat but that just meant alot of finishing and seams so I knit it in the round. I knit the ruffle flat tho and added it in the end. All this baby needs is a couple of straps and weaveing in the ends.


I neglected to pay attention to the first few lines of the pattern and just jumped in. The first 3 rows are in garter stitch to prevent it from rolling as you can see in the pic. I didn't do that. I know, I'm an idiot. LOL I'm debating on weather to go back and pick up those stitches for the garter or to just leave it like that. What do you think?

I also finished up the Mason-Disxon dishcloth. Take a look...



Anonymous said...

I like the way the roll looks!

I don't use them on my stuff, mainly because it drives me nuts! I feel like it rolls up because of my curves, and shows my belly. I don't think a little girl will have that trouble though! I've done a hem on a couple of my things, and its worked out well. A purl row usually makes a nice edge. Maybe pick up and knit a few rows from the cast on edge and it'll make a nice turn for a neat edge-- assuming the roll bothers her! If not, I say stay with it!

I think the tank looks great!

BTW, I LOVE the tat! Such a great artist!


Kitty said...

yes i agree, the tat is awesome! and about the shirt, i say knit another ruffle and attatch it at the bottom. then it'll have a ballerina look to it.

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