Friday, June 8, 2012

Adventures in Soap Making Part 2

IMAG0626 by Sinnomen1977
IMAG0626, a photo by Sinnomen1977 on Flickr.
Last weekend I spent quite a bit of time making soap. Lavender Vanilla soap to be exact. I picked up The Soapmakers Companion book awhile back at a thrift store and thought it would be a good idea to try. Maybe a money making venture, too? The Soapmakers Companion has a recipe in it for a basic bar using lye, water, essential oils (in this case I used lavender, vanilla and lavender buds; you can see them as the specs in the bars), coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil. I bought the lye, and palm oil on Amazon, the other stuff could be had in any grocery store or herbal shop. I bought the oils at Chicory Hill Herbs at a very reasonable price and the saleswoman was very nice and helpful without being overbearing. I learned quite a few things and I know I can make an even better bar next time. Now that I've cut them into bar shape, they have to cure for up to a month and then they'll be ready to use!

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