Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have a sewing FO for show and tell today!! I picked this fabric up @ was on sale in the stuff that they are clerencing out. I guess they are gonna stop telling arts and crafts type stuff all together. That makes me kinda sad b/c after Walmart does that....the only place I'll have to shop for fabric @ will be Joann's or some of the more expensive quilting shops. I also learned that I'll be losing my favorite book store (Borders) and the home of my knitting group. Oh well...that is life, I guess.'s the tote bag I sewed from that fabric. I also plan on making a little make-up/notions type bag with the leftover scraps; I just need to get a zipper or some other closure. What do you think???


tinkers said...

lurve it!!! definately have to do a notions bag!

knitspun said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!! So want to learn to sew then I can make one too! You did a wonderful job!

knitspun said...

Love it!!!!! you did a wonderful job!!!!! Now teach me..

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