Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dog Jacket

I bought the book 101 One Yard Wonders awhile back and flipped thru the pages to see what a quick project would be for a newbie sew-er like myself to get into in an afternoon. I had/have alot of fabric scraps lying around and I was trying to create a project using those scraps in a re-fashioned/recycled kinda way. Well here is the result....A dog jacket for my dog Poochie!!!

I started with 2 jean skirts of mine that where too small and hadn't been worn in ages. I'm sure I could have made the jacket with just one skirt but I was trying to not to get alot of the seams, etc that were in the existing skirt into the finished jacket. I can see a few mistakes I made (not pressing out the seams, and putting the velco on backwards lol) but I think it came out pretty cute!! I think I'm gonna save the pattern and maybe make a lighter weight version for spring/summer.

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