Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yarn Shopping in Oklahoma

So I'm back from Oklahoma (long story short, I went to attend a funeral) and I spent almost a week there. Of course, since the holidays I've been missing my family and BFF, so it was good to see them even during this time of grief.

Anyhoo, I did happen to do a little yarn shopping while I was there. This is Claudia Handpainted in color: Cotton Candy. Isnt it beautiful? I bought it @ Loops ( in Tulsa, OK. Check out that shop should you ever be in town. It's beautiful and filled to the brim with great stuff. And the staff is VERY helpful and nice. There were quite a few shoppers there knitting and browsing around; I had a great time while I was there.

I also stopped @ SWAK in the City in Oklahoma City ( Its actually right down the street from my BFF's house (Hi, April!!!) so it was easy to slip in and look around. I've been to this shop before and always feel like I'm home. I bought 2 skeins of Happy Feet in color 25 (a very pretty hot pink, green, raspberry color).
Happy Feet

I also stopped by one of the big box stores and picked up some Sensations' Bamboo and Ewe Pattern sock yarn (is anyone noticing a pattern here? LOL)
joanns sock yarn

Last shop I stopped @ was actually in St. Louis (What? I was in the neighborhood!). HearthStone Knits ( was a small shop but BIG in selection. I picked up a few crochet magazines, the new issue of Knit Simple, and this beauty....


This Araucania Ranco. Shades of blue; so pretty!

As for what kinda projects I've been working on? As you may well know, I always have a big project going, a sock and something in between. Well my BIG project is so big, I can't even take it to knit night anymore. I've been working on the Mason-Dixon Log Cabin Blanket.


I've used white, black, gray, denim and brown. I'm not so sure about how the brown block is going to work out; I may have to rip and pick another color. I'm actually knitting from stash (just about) and I'm using machine-washable acrylic/wool blends. I think this blankie will be VERY warm. I thought the all garter-all the time would be killing me, but it's actually moving along quite well.

I've also been working on the Kai-Mei socks from the Cookie A book; Sock Innovation. It's not much to look @ yet; I've just turned the heel and barely begun the chart. OMG, I can't believe I'm knitting from a chart! This is madness!

IDK what to tag 002

And yes, this is a pretty bad photo. It was taken on the whim; sorry! Anyhoo, I'm working with my trusty US2's and Cascade Heritage Solid in color 5619 which is, basically, RED. Very Red. Valentine's socks, anyone?

It's also dishcloth city @ my house right now. Here's the 4th of a series of Ballband Dishclothes, knit on size 7 needles with red and yello Peaches and Creme.

IDK what to tag 001

Well, I think thats it for this MASSIVE update. What have YOU been working on, dear reader?

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Kitty said...

OMG!! i love how the blanket is going! i agree on the brown tho... maybe a lighter grey or blue? i noticed the pattern of multi-colored yarns you picked up too... maybe a multi-colored blue yarn for the blanket? LOVE YOU BABE!!!